The Negative Misconceptions Of Wiccan Religions In Movies And Culture

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Wicca has always been a religion that I have always found interesting. I think when people think of Wicca, their minds automatically go to witches, magic, being against God, evil, satanic. I think there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the religion. I think Paganism and Wicca caught my attention with movies like The Craft or Practical Magic. I had cousins who were not allowed to watch things like that because it was “Evil.” I have never felt this way and I thought this was a religion I wanted to learn something more about. I think the negative misconceptions outway the actual truth when it comes to this religion. I think people tend to be afraid of the unknown and tend to learn what they know about religions from movies and Social Media. I would like to begin with a little bit of history on the Wiccan religion. The Wiccan religion is based on the Pagan religion and was not created very long ago. There is some debate about when it actually began, but it was only in the 1900’s. The only other more exact date I located was about 1940. The founder and “The Father of Modern Witchcraft” is said to be Gerald Gardner. “In the mid-1930s, Gerald Gardner—an amateur anthropologist and archaeologist, returned to Britain for his retirement. Gardner felt that the climate here was making him sick and sought treatment. His doctor recommended he’d try nudism. Reluctant at first, Gerald gave it a try by visiting several nudist clubs. Positive nudity was the cure to his ailment; he

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