The Negative Portrayal Of Celebrities

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A single photograph - how it is captured, the angle in which it was shot, the context behind it - can alter the perception of reality. One image, if executed maliciously, can create such an intense pernicious effect on the individual photographed, that it can cause undue effects on their reputation, or even psychological state. Celebrities often find themselves victimized by the paparazzi in this way, and breakdowns due to a negative appearance in the spotlight have become prevalent in modern day socialite culture. Today, with everything just a click away, it is surprisingly easy to find intimate details of a celebrity’s life, and even easier to find incriminating photos with falsified headlines. The paparazzi has a negative connotation in society, and has generated an aversive effect on celebrities, because they have fabricated images with negative portrayals of celebrities, impeded on a celebrity’s right to privacy, and appropriated a celebrity’s fame in order achieve material that is deemed as newsworthy. Celebrities often find themselves subjected to negative portrayal and forged accusations in the media through the paparazzi. Celebrities have a fabricated facade when out in public, one that has been established and maintained by multiple publicists. The general public is interested in finding what celebrities are like in actuality, thereby creating a business for paparazzi photographers to acquire images that expose a celebrity’s true form. Nevertheless, having a
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