The Negative Portrayal Of Public Relations

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Starting to purse an education in Public Relations, I received a lot of comments like, “ you won’t even get a job, you’re taking a degree to learn how to manipulate people, isn’t that just planning parties?” after a while I’ve came up with some pretty keen responses to these uneducated comments made by uneducated people. When learning I had to do a research paper, I figured what better thing to look into but why the public relations profession is viewed so negatively. My findings? Media. Public relations is viewed so negatively in the media why would people think anything differently? When you type public relations into Google things like manipulator, Sex and the City, and scandal come up just to name a few. In my paper I want to get down…show more content…
The negative portrayal of public relations in media has created a bias for those entering the field and working in the field. This impacts society by giving them a negative view when they’re really just uneducated on the profession. My grandmother, being 85 when explaining to her what I was planning to do with my life I made sure that public relations sounded exciting and useful and that stuck with her and that is what she will tell her friends, and our relatives. But for example when someone researches on it and finds only negative things, they will spread that, they will repeat the negative things they read and the key terms like “ manipulator, schemer, controller” will be used and thought of pertaining to the profession. Media has an extreme influence on everyone these days, especially the newer generations to come. Why when looking for a future job would someone follow a path of something people view as negative? As a joke, As a wedding planner with no jobs? Media is ruining the reputation of public relations with its harsh assumptions, its movie characters with their easy, boring, unchallenging careers, and just uneducated people writing stories on how they’ve been “manipulated” by someone in the public relations profession. To begin with, the view of public relations in television shows and movies can have a large
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