The Negative Portrayal of Women in Works Such as The Great Gatsby

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The Negative Portrayal of Women According to today’s society, men are women are equal and have equal rights. Although we all try to believe this, the fact is almost every language and culture is male-dominated. Men have always been favoured and believed to be superior to women, which still exists in some third world countries, such as Afghanistan. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, The Great Gatsby, portrays how women were treated during the 1920s. In the novel, women play the role of an object for men’s pleasure, a strong figure, and materialistic. Myrtle Wilson plays the role of an object for Tom Buchanan pleasure. He uses her for his own fun and never intends to have a substantial relationship due to the fact that he is…show more content…
Just as Biff and Happy in Death of a Salesman, written by Arthur Miller, use their women as objects by seeking them for their own pleasure and disrespect them, so too does Tom towards Myrtle not only as he seeks her based on his schedule for his own pleasure, but also as he “broke her nose with his open hand” (39). Jordan Baker takes on the role of a strong female figure in the novel. She takes action when she meets Nick, as she “held [his] hand impersonally” (44), compared to the other women like Daisy, who are passive. She also is involved in golf, which is not the ‘typical woman’ during the 1920s. She earns her money through this talent oppose to Daisy, who relies on her husband for money, which shows her strong figure as she is independent. Similar to Lauren Conrad from the reality show, The Hills, who is independent and works for her own money, so it is Jordan, which sets her strong female figure in this novel. Daisy Buchanan plays the role of a materialistic female. She relies on her husband, Tom Buchanan’s wealth, as “her voice is full of money” (115). According to Tori DeAngelis’ research, when people are insecure they become more “materialistic as a way to adapt”, which is shown through Daisy’s character as she masks her unhappiness through materialism as a result of her husband’s infidelity. As a result of being with Tom for materialistic interest, she suffers the consequences as she is constantly ordered by him, for example, “sit down Daisy”
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