The Negative Reasons Of The Reign Of Terror

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The Reign of Terror, the fight for freedom, that caused the complete opposite. The Reign of Terror was considered a period of remorseless repression and bloodshed. As of 1793 the newly acclaimed National Convention of France declared their first actions to be of those that destroy monarchy and create a republic. With inside and outside threats arising King Louis XVI, left France in hope of safety in his wife’s country of Austria. At the border of France he was caught. He was tried and executed for grounds of treason by newly acclaimed leader Maximilien Robespierre. After the execution of a poisoned monarch and newly created laws, France’s economy began to improve, until Robespierre grew paranoid. Through 1793-1794, he began killing anyone that he believed did not agree with him. He killed more than 40,000 people. Was the death of 40,000 people truly the cost of freedom and human rights? The Reign of Terror was and should not be justified due to the reasons that it was not required, it removed freedom and human rights, and had a negative outcome on France.

The Reign of Terror was not justified due to the reason that it was not required.“By the fall of 1793 the foreign threat was halted. By May,1794, French victory was near.” By 1794 the war against Prussian and Austrian forces was coming to a close. With the war coming to a close, France could begin to solve the problems back home. Between Robespierre and French leaders, freedom and human rights could begin to be

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