The Negative Side Effects Of Obesity On Human Body

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Mohammad Labani June, 30,15 IELI2420 The Negative Side Effect Of Obesity on Human Body The rate of obesity has increased since 1970 to more than 30 %, more than two-thirds of Americans now are considered as overweight (Hojjat, 2015). Obesity is one of the problems that the world is facing nowadays. Obesity is a result of poor lifestyle and bad eating habits. Many people are suffering from the negative health consequences of obesity. In addition, many diseases are related to obesity such as heart diseases, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other health risks. If we do not solve the prob-lem by reducing the number of obese people and change the lifestyle to more healthier one as soon as possible, the problem will be arising. Therefore, the consequences will be life threatening. Obesity causes many problems and has frightening results. It is the condition of being very fat or overweight. Two of the important causes are eating fast food regularly, and being an inactive person. The consequences of obesity are very dangerous and could lead to Heart attack, and even death. The number of deaths will increase if we do not solve that problem. Another result of the obesity is high blood pressure; occur to people from different ages even children. Children also are at risk of certain diseases as a result of obesity. Obese children are at high risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and increased cholesterol levels. In addition, obese children are at

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