The Negative Side Of Online Communication

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Blaze Estrada Advanced Composition Professor Johnson 10/20/2014 Social media is used as a tool to communicate with others on a digital level, yet there is a negative side to online communication. Social media can develop as a tool to hurt others physically, mentally and emotionally. Individuals that seek to hurt others may cross the lines of bullying and move forward to hurt them through social networks. With social media, this negative side introduces the term of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying “occurs on cell phones and online on social networks, boards, and through email” ( Cyberbullying is found on boards and messenger application such as what is found on Facebook. Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that occurs online and is a blend of the bullying forms that include verbal, social, and physical attacks. Bullying is different where it can be observed in reality such as schools, hallways, classrooms and neighborhoods. Yet, bullying like cyberbullying both include forms of teasing, playing jokes, inducing humiliation upon the victim, name-calling, rumors, lies, and together can isolate an individual. On the other hand, bullying cases can turn physical where the attackers implement physical pain or discomfort to the victim by pushing, hitting, and or shoving. While social media functions as a friendly place to communicate, Cyberbullying is evident in these networks and commonly found among youth, which in turn can lead to teenage suicide, and
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