The Negative Side Of Social Media

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121.1 billion; that is the number of minutes us Americans spent on social media during the month of July 2012. However, their purpose is uncertain. The world uses social networks for many reasons, good or bad. People find the good out of networks like Twitter and Facebook because they can connect and socialize with other people, to promote business, get information and news, and even find jobs. There is a bad side to these social networks however. There are a ton of people on the internet who give away personal information which leads to hacking, theft, bullying, and other negative consequences. Also, people that are users of these social networks are changing what we define “social”. Instead of face-to-face communication, today’s generation speaks through technology such as, texting. I have to agree with the negative side though because the internet actually has much more dangers rather than help. In conclusion, social media is about similar to a drug because, it changes our personalities, takes us off-task, and exposes us to the dangerous people.

As I mentioned, drugs like social networks will give a change to our personalities and our lifestyles. Fitting in with the crowd is a way we change from social networks. An article from USA Today talked about how adolescents display themselves online in mature situations like partying and drug & alcohol abuse just to look “cool”. Addiction is another one of the changes. 40% of our nation’s youth use social networks 54 minutes…

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