The Negative Speech : The Ethics Of The President Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump has only been in office as President of the United States for a little over 300 days. The role of President requires one to to be able to make sound a wise decision, one should be slow to speak and quick to hear, and also have the patience to effectively run a country. However, he has made over 2,000 tweets since the election; often time taking twitter to express his frustrations and personal feelings toward various people and situation. The President’s constant use of Twitter has gained the attention of millions of people from around the world, and people constantly on edge, as they flock to twitter to hurry and see what the President has tweeted. Many people have begun to question the efficiency of the Presidents administration, since he has so much time to tweet. Often times his tweets end up making breaking news on several news outlets, and have shifted the way news casts are produced. The President has been accused of making tweets that are insulting, controversial, and discriminatory. Rather than making public speeches, holding forms, or conducting panels on matters at hand, the President instead takes to twitter to express how he personally feels about situations. This often leads to confusion, mixing personal beliefs with matters that should remain neutral, and providing incorrect information to the public. While this is ethical for the president to tweet and use other forms of social media; it is however, not practical at all. The media
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