The Negative Stereotypes Of Muslims

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The article released by the office of the press security and is written by President Obama and is part of his Address to the nation speech. The part of the President’s speech that stuck out was when he said “ these terrorist groups don’t represent anyone, ISIL does not speak for Islam ” President Obama is one of the smartest people because all these terrorist groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, and ISIL don't represent Islam as the true religion it is. All these groups all say they're doing it for Islam, but most Muslims haven’t done anything wrong. Most of the United States population is mostly immigrants from all over the world we will be looking at the good, bad and ugly shown by the media and Muslims themselves ISIL does not represent Islam. There are negative stereotypes of Muslims that are sometimes incorrect. ISIS views of the religion (Islam) is different from what other muslims portray it as. ISIS portrays it as a religion of violence and warfare but other Muslims believe it is a religion of peace and kindness to others. How do they find all the terrorist locations and bases? How do these extremist groups get hold of all the…show more content…
When a bomb goes off most people think it's Muslims but when it ends up being a white guy the media calls him a lone wolf a troubled child when it's a black person they blame the entire race when it's a Muslim they blame the entire religion how is that fair this quote from Obama’s proves this “They are thugs and killers part of a cult of death and they account for a tiny fraction of more than a billion Muslims around the world, including millions of patriotic Muslim Americans who reject their hateful ideology”- Barack
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