The Negatives Of Millennials

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Today’s youth has been protected, coddled, and sheltered from the world around them that they will have to face eventually. Parents, teachers, and other mentors are to blame for this epidemic. Millennials are notoriously known as the pro-self generation; you could put nearly any phrase involving the world “self”, and most would agree with it. Generation Y can be intolerant of ideas and opinions that don’t conform to their own, and the writers mentioned in this essay explain their beliefs on why Millennials feel this way. Three specific sources highlight the negatives regarding Millennials. In this essay, connections will be made between articles such as “The Indispensable Opposition” by Walter Lippmann, “The Coddling of the American Mind” by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, and an excerpt told by W. Keith Campbell in the “Millennials Don’t Stand a Chance” debate produced by Intelligence Squared. While much disagreement exists regarding Millennials, there is a consensus regarding Millennial upbringing, their intolerance of others’ opinions and ideas, and the steps necessary to correct the problems they currently face. In the “Millennials Don’t Stand a Chance” debate, W. Keith Campbell argues that Millennials were raised to have inflated levels of self-esteem and an optimistic view of the world they live in. Today’s young adults grew up in the start of the self-esteem movement, and when parents were becoming more protective of their children. “The Coddling of the American
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