The Negatives Of Online Education

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The Negatives of Online Education

Online education is a type of distance learning. The student is taking courses without attending a school or university. Instead, online students and teachers interact over the Internet. Online classes can teach students educational responsibility. By forcing them to access the online portal to participate in reading the textbooks/lectures and doing the assignments. Technical abilities is also learned with online classes. Students who lack the tech savvy knowledge can learn how to navigate through the online environment. Being able to access the online portal at any given time of the day is one other benefit to online education. Though online education may seem beneficial, there are more negatives than positives. Less direct contact, time commitment, limitations of technology and a higher cheating rate. By not taking a course in a traditional campus classrooms, students miss having face to face time with their instructors and other students. This can strip students of important learning opportunities, as well as social interaction. That includes, students hoping to make new friends or find future business partners in school. Students should consider taking at least a couple of courses on campus to help fulfil their social needs. For students who prefer large, anonymous lecture courses, this may not matter much. Considering they would choose online classes opposed to traditional campus classes. Students who prefer smaller class sizes and…
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