The Neglect and Abuse of the Elderly

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Maybe she needs something simple, like a glass of water, or maybe it is more serious like a horrible pain in her chest. The nurses there have simply ignored her requests for attention, or even worse, they mocked her for her pain and suffering. Our elders are a huge part of who we are today. They helped paved the road for our present in a not so distant past, yet unfortunately many now are being exposed to humiliation, neglect, and even abuse.
Today, there are more senior citizens living in the United States than previous generations. As the baby boomers continue to grow older, millions of Americans are now over the age of 65. According to the research, there are over "75 million Baby Boomers who are on the verge of retirement" (Bernard, 2012). This is dramatically changing the nature of American society, and increasing the number of elderly which need care today, and will soon need care in the near future. Yet, what is often not discussed when looking at America's retirees and elderly is the environment in which many are retreating into. Ageism is a common cause of prejudice among the older generations (Quinn & Tomita 1997). A lot of abuse and neglect cases stem from an image of a burdensome elderly individual. Ageism is a major problem here in the United States, and it is partly responsible for setting the…

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