The Negligence Between Rebecca Versus Michelle

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IRAC The negligence between Rebecca versus Michelle Issue Does Rebecca sue Michelle in negligence that caused for her losses? Rebecca is a plaintiff and Michelle is a defendant. In fact, they are friends and attended a performance of a company but the performance was holding over an hour so they passed time to drink wine at a bar. After the performance, Rebecca known that Michelle was drunk but she still accepted to Michelle drove to home. When Rebecca realised danger, she asked Michelle to stop and get out of car two times but Michelle still continued driving and crashed the car. After the accident, Rebecca had serious injuries and broke a leg. Rule of Law Neighbour is a person who lives near you or the person could be seen and effected injuries from your behaviour. In fact, someone has been injured in an accident does not mean that someone is going to be liable for the negligence. The negligence is the lack of success to do levels of reasonable care and skill for a given situation. There are three activities for an action in negligence that are Duty of Care, Breach of Duty and Damage. Duty of care is a first issue in the negligence. A duty owed by one person to another because their behaviours might cause injury that is called duty of care. Your words and actions can have a strong effect on someone or something. Others can suffer injury because of your carelessness. In situation where you should predict the future that someone else could be injured by your behaviour.

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