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Differences and disagreements always exist in negotiation process. When parties cannot reach an agreement or the power between parties is imbalance, mediators will be demonstrated the significant impact on solving problems and encourage negotiators to achieve consensus. This essay will expound four different types of mediator, which include settlement mediator, facilitative mediator, therapeutic mediator and evaluative mediator. Areas of practice for different styles of mediator also will be stated. Moreover, what kinds of dispute will be solved by different types of mediators and how these kinds of mediators influence the negotiation process are referring. At last, responsibilities and disadvantages of different styles of mediators will…show more content…
At last, mediators can give press to parties if necessary. (Lewicki, 1986, p 254-255) Consequently, there are four different types of mediation which include settlement mediation, facilitative mediation, therapeutic mediation and evaluative mediation, and all these kinds of mediation take different effects on mediating process. (Boulle&, Nesic, 2001, p 29)
Settlement mediation is also called compromise mediation; it is a process to encourage both sides compromise to reach a central point positional agreement. (Boulle&, Nesic, 2001, p 28) It is popular in dealing with business controversies, personal injury compensatory disputes and industrial issues. (Boulle&, Nesic, 2001, p 29) Settlement mediators always help parties to investigate common ground and find appropriate solution energetically; they are not only mediators, but also conciliator. Settlement mediators control the course in both separate conversation and together negotiation, and they protect privacy of the mediation process. Because of informal and private conciliation, mediators collect a great number of information about conflict parties. It is important for settlement mediators determine each party’s ‘bottom line’, and propose constructive suggestions or encourage both parties compromise to reach consensus in the formal negotiation process. Settlement mediators also control the timing and save faces to negotiators. (Beardsley, Quinn,

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