The Negro Digs Up His Past By Arthur Schomburg

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The article “The Negro Digs Up His Past’’ by Arthur schomburg on 1925, elaborates more on the struggles of slavery as well as how history tend to be in great need of restoration through mindfully exploring on the past. The article, however started with an interesting sentence which caught my attention, especially when the writer says ‘’The American Negro must remark his past in order to make his future’’ (670). This statement according the writer, explains how slavery took away the great deal freedom from people of African descendant, through emancipation and also increase in diversity. The writer (Arthur Schomburg) however, asserts that “the negro has been throughout the centuries of controversy an active collaborator, and often a pioneer, in the struggle for his own freedom and advancement” (670). In other words, this tend to take a great vast amount of time for the society to understand the great importance of intelligence people of African descendant, who tend to be capable of, just as any other ethics group, alternatively, for many centuries this has not be recognized because of the fact that the continuation of hatred and segregation flourished continually not until current decades, thereby, causing a standstill to the the advancement of the Africans. It is observed that the historical happenings have a great negativity on the face of the society, which is yet to be fixed. And so, the belief behind, digging up the past, is all about ‘’telling the story of human

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