The Negro Speaks Of Rivers Langston Hughes Analysis

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Langston Hughes was a man of wisdom and an inspirational writer who wrote mainly about the black man in America. He was born on February 1, 1902, in Joplin, Missouri “He mainly wrote poetry, fiction, short story, autobiography, and criticism” (Dickson). His famous poem was “The Negro Speaks of Rivers,” which he wrote at the age of 18. He made many poems that still live forever. He was a black poet who wanted to express what was going on Americans. His main mission was to get his message across . poetry gave him the opportunity to do that However, there are many differences and similarities in the poem “Negro”, and “the Negro speaks of rivers”, in how Hughes discusses blacks’ pain and suffering, pride in their heritage, and contribution to civilization. There are many difference and similarities when Hughes discusses pain and suffering, in the “Negro” and “The negro speaks of rivers”. In “Negro” he talks about how he has been a slave and “Caesar told me to keep his door-steps clean. /I brushed the boots of Washington” (Pg. 859). He identifies the pain alone in this sentence by talking about the suffering of the slaves when their slave master had authority over them. He uses people such as Washington and Caesar to show that he did not forget what these leaders have done to the slaves. He specifically says that “Caesar told me,” showing that Caesar is demanding with no question. Hughes is using imagery to describe the labor. Not only that, but, “I’ve been a victim:/….
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