The Neighborhood Watch Program : A Community Based Crime Prevention Program

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The Agency that was interviewed was The Neighborhood Watch Program from The El Paso Police Department Northeast Regional Command Center in El Paso Texas. The officer that was interviewed was Crime Prevention officer Jeffery Bell. The Neighborhood Watch is a community-based crime prevention program where neighbors look out for each other’s safety, property and homes. The program is based on the idea when residents, businesses, police officers and other community members look out for the safety of the neighborhood, safer communities are created and crime is reduced. It is best to participate by establishing and keeping open lines of communication, and working together to solve problems regarding crime and any other issue pertaining to the community. It is very simple and cost effective and keeps crime and fear out of the community and allows residents to be at peace, also brings residents of the community and police officers together as a team. (EPPD) There are Crime Prevention Officers located at all five Command Centers in El Paso Texas. In the interview there were several questions regarding The Neighborhood Watch Program, the group will be considered and established when all the following criteria have been met:
 A minimum of 50% of the homes in the block is participating in Neighborhood Watch
 A Block Captain has been assigned.
 A Block Co-Captain has been designated
 A minimum of 50% of the homes in the block has had a home security inspection.
 Neighborhood…
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