The Nelson Bench By George Nelson

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George Nelson

Architectural History and Design Theory
Assignment 2
Weronika Kraska
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1. Introduction.
2. Details of the Designer life and career.
3. Pictures and names of the chosen work.
4. Reasons for choosing those particular pieces of work.
5. Coconut chair and the designer /personal influences on the work.
6. Marshmallow Sofa and the designer/ personal influences on the work.
7. Sling Sofa and the designer/ personal influences on the work.
8. Nelson's Bench and the designer/personal influences on the work.
9. The Ball clock and the designer/personal influences on the work.
10. Conclusion.
11. Bibliography.

George Nelson
In this essay, I am going to talk about the famous furniture designer George Nelson and his most
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Solid wood slats are spaced to let air and light through. It has a black finish on the base. This shows a very nice contrast between the light natural variations of wood and the darker legs. It can be used as a bench or a low table. This bench was a part of Nelson's first collection for Herman Miller. It is also called a timeless piece of work as everything that is functional never dates. I like the way this bench is so simple looking but it is functional and even multifunctional. It is a piece of furniture that will not get old for sure. It is something that people would buy because not only does it look good but it does what it is supposed to…show more content…
The ball and spoke are in a shape of an atomic structure model. The coloured balls representing atoms, connected by steel rods. The Ball clock has an open structure, rather than a glazed frame. There are also no numbers on the clock face, the hours are represented by twelve balls made of painted birch attached to narrow steel rods radiating from the centre. The Ball clock is very playful and a humorous design. It encloses the upbeat mood of the early post-war period and adds colour and fun to the design. I like the playfulness and the colours of this clock, however, I think I would find it difficult to tell the time because there are no numbers. I also think that the clock would add warmth in a room just like the Marshmallow Sofa
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