The Neo Nazis And The Nazi War Essay

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After being given power over the German’s Worker Party, Hitler aided in bolstering its ranks from a measly seven members, he was the seventh official member, to well over three-thousand likeminded people. (Marrs 20). In April of 1920, Hitler renamed the political group to the Nationalsozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, which was shortened to Nazi. (Marrs 21). Nazi is a term synonymous with evil in our time, and what it stands for casts a long shadow over what is arguably the darkest times in modern history. Now seen as little more than one of the many modern white supremacist movements, the Neo-Nazis, one might find it little more than conspiracy theory to claim that the United States of America is a repackaged National Socialist Government, or a fourth Reich. Author Jim Marrs writes, “Under the banner of freedom and democracy, yet pursuing the agenda of the globalist who supported the Nazis, the United States slowly turned from one of the most admired nations in the world to one of the most despised.” (235-236). To understand the significance of the claim that America today is, in quintessence, a successor of Nazi policy and not simply theory the past has to be reexamined. In the year 1945 President Harry Truman authorized “Operation Paperclip” after he was promised that no one with Nazi or military records would be involved. (Marrs 149). “Operation Paperclip” was contrived by the United States Office of Strategic

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