The Neo Pi R : Analysis And Room With A Cue Personality Project A Fuller

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In this analysis gaining background information within taking the NEO-PI-R along with comparing and relating results to self-analysis and room with a cue personality project a fuller more encompassing dispositional signature is revealed, requireing all methods in testing personality traits. First, we examine the experience of taking the NEO-PI-R and the accuracy of the results. Second, a comparison between self-analysis and NEO-PI-R result specifically in correlations between methods in openness to experience and extraversion. Examining average levels of personality traits of conscientiousness and agreeableness and contradicting results in the NEO-PI-R method for neuroticism begins framing a personality profile for Linsay Sullivan. Finally by reviewing previous method, Room with a Cue, offers environmental cues validating results of the NEO-PI-R method combining similarities and building differences. Resulting in the two methods developing a well-rounded dispositional signature. Concluding the best method for understanding personality traits is a combination of all three: self-analysis, environmental cues, and NEO-PI-R, as well as, what we learn from each method. Main Body To develop a meticulous understanding of an individual 's personality, a combination of experiences, self-analysis, tests, and experiments create a better overall multidimensional method, encapsulating personality traits. The NEO-PI-R, for me, was after taking the first psychology exam of the semester

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