The Neo Traditional Family Structure Essay

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The neo-traditional family structure is subsiding and is being replaced by the now more popular egalitarian family structure. Before the neo-traditional family structure was considered ideal, with one sole financial provider for the family (usually the male), but this family structure is more difficult to maintain because t is difficult for one person o be the breadwinner; also, the unfinished revolution has also led to viewing this family structure as unappealing because it can be limiting for one spouse (usually the woman). Thus, egalitarian family structures are now becoming more popular, as: household work, childcare, and financial contribution is more equally divided between the two partners. However, I learned that many still hold some neo-traditional values, more so the males in my sample than did the females. Initially, I thought that culture would be the largest determining in a persons’ desired family structure, but the data showed otherwise. For instance, I thought that underrepresented minorities, such as, Latinos and African Americans would hold more neo-traditional views simply because of culture. Interestingly, I learned from my analysis that this was not necessarily the case; instead, I found that many of the participants had intermixed components of both neo-traditional family structure and an egalitarian family structure. Many of their responses contradicted with their desired family structure. I think that this mentality is leading to new hybrid family

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