The Neolithic Revolution, A Llist of Events

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Unit 1: 1. Fire was one of the most important early technological innovation. Fire made surviving through the cold months possible. It was also useful for cooking foods. Spears were useful for hunters and gatherers. It helped catch and kill their prey. After the industrial revolution, innovations such as the plow helped in agriculture to speed the process and not have to do each individual task by hand. 2. The Neolithic Revolution was the start of agriculture. Due to it causing a surplus of good production, specialized jobs were introduced. If one person has the ability to produce enough food for the entire community, then everyone else can focus on different jobs. Along with time to focus on jobs, time for recreation was introduced giving people more free time. Another long term effect of the Neolithic Revolution was that land was thought of as property because people began living in the same place for longer periods of time. 3. The Neolithic Revolution was responsible for food surplus that gave people the opportunity to develop new technologies. Plows and hoes advanced agriculture greatly. Agriculture meant people didn’t have to move around following their food, but instead, stay in one place. This brought on the construction of stable homes and buildings. 4. A state is a nation of people unified based on their culture. Leaders such as King Hammurabi, Nebuchaddnezzar, King Menes, and Queen Hatshepsut ruled these states and were supported by 5. Culture was what

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