The Neolithic Revolution

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Lasting Impacts and Legacies of Events and People in Ancient History Section One The Neolithic Revolution In “Neolithic” lecture and presentation, the Neolithic advances are described in detail. The Neolithic period is crucial to later history, and created a lasting impact, because of the developments made at this time. During the Neolithic period, food production was changed; agriculture and livestock-raising was invented, this secured a stable food supply. These inventions created the foundation of the food industry as we know it today. Having a steady supply of food then set into motion the other developments of the era. A stockpile of food meant that communities could save the food for later, creating a food surplus, and this overabundance of food allowed for an increase in population. Another result of the food surplus was gaining the ability to trade with other communities for other raw materials and goods. The majority of people no longer needed to work as food producers, so specialized craftsman in the communities evolved and developed. The individuals who remained working as food producers could then trade with the craftsman for their work or product, and both would benefit from the exchange. Social classes also emerged from the Neolithic Revolution. The classes were based on wealth and status; individuals and groups that gained control of a food surplus could gain power in the community by having control over the distribution of it. This laid the framework for any
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