The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Essay

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The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Unit 3700, at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital is a level 4 tertiary center licensed for 84 beds that cares for the most critically ill babies. Hospitalization on unit 3700 ranges from growing premature infants to the most complex disorders (Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital). The staff in the NICU consists of registered nurses, residents, fellows, attendings, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, dieticians, case managers, social workers, lab specialists, nurse educators, and the management team. There is about 300 staff nurses employed in the NICU between day and night shift. Ongoing education and keeping up with the latest evidence-based research is essential in working with the critically ill babies. “The Green Project” was a topic proposed by the nurse educator and nurse managers. This project is to increase the awareness and participation of the bedside nurses in informing parents regarding the post-visit follow up phone survey during discharge teaching. The Green Project was chosen due to the concern and lack of respondents from the parents. During one month’s data, 9 out of 300 discharges responded. Therefore, the goal is to increase survey respondents compliance from 30% to 40%. The patient satisfaction surveys are important in improving the quality of patient care and hospital reimbursements. The importance of the surveys, roles of the change agents, theory used behind
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