The Nepal Border Lives A Distraught, Middle Aged Woman Named Meena Khatun

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Along the India-Nepal border lives a distraught, middle-aged woman named Meena Khatun. Unlike women in wealthier, more amiable communities who deal with the stresses of getting their kids to and from soccer practice, Meena had to put up with being both abused and bread like an animal by brothel owners. Her job required her to meet the needs of some 10 to 25 customers nightly. If she struggled, Meena was beaten senseless. If she complained, she was drugged to the point of unconsciousness and then given to the customer. If she expressed her agony in any way, Meena was punished severely. To establish greater control, the brothel owners impregnated Meena twice. After giving birth to a girl, Naina, and a boy, Vivek, Meena had them ruthlessly…show more content…
Many women go so far as to make it a career, but most are fooled into the unjust system of prostitution unknowingly and unwillingly. Continuous financial backing creates a certain, fatal predicament when paired with these girls: When, if ever, will this vicious cycle conclude? The recent, global trend of sheer ignorance and sexual availability provides us with a reason to believe that it will not. Though grotesque and inhumane Meena’s story may be, happenings such as these are common in many regions of the world. Women and children are constantly thrashed and bloodied on a daily basis. They are puppets, defenseless against the wrath and merciless anger of the brothel owners who maneuver their taut strings. The penalty for disobedience: death or beatings. The reward for deference: living to see another day. It’s a form of enslavement that devastates the once pure innocence of women and children who are unfortunate enough to be tightly secured to its reigns. While people are generally aware of the happenings in human trafficking, much of the general public doesn’t fully grasp the problems deriving from them. When asking a CU student about what she knew about Human Trafficking, all she could reply is “I know that it’s a problem in this world and that a lot of women suffer from it”. (Gopsill) Fortunately for these individuals ignorance is bliss, for the predicaments are seldom favorable. Those who are
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