The Nepal Government

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Nepal government, the Head of State is the President. This role is mostly ceremonial. Because the government is managed entirely by the Prime Minister. The Parliament decides who the prime minister is. Attorney General is appointed by the Prime Minister. Constitutional Council recommends the heads of constitutional bodies but is appointed by the President. The Japan government works very differently; it has branches like the United States. Legislature the Japanese parliament is called the Diet it has the House of Representatives 480 members and the House of Councilors 242 members. The members of the Diet are elected by the people of Japan. Executive the cabinet is led by the Prime Minister. The cabinet has members which are appointed by the prime minister and are members of the Diet. The prime minister is elected by the Diet. Judiciary the highest court is the Supreme Court as is the United States. Other courts are summary courts, district courts, family courts, high courts. Judges are elected by the cabinet. Elections the voting age is 20 years. House of Representatives are elected ever four years. The House of Councilors holds its elections for half of its member every four years. ( Nepal is varying rural and mostly consists of mountains their economy is natural
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