The Nervous System And How It Interacts With Our Body

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The Nervous System and How It Interacts With Our Body

Andrew Reynolds

Introduction: There was a common characteristic in all of the experiments performed, that being it involved the nervous system and how it worked within the body to elicit different responses based on different stimuli. Signals in the nervous system were fired, which triggered a response somewhere in the body. This requires two systems to accomplish this, the afferent and efferent systems. The afferent system is the system responsible for sending signals from the receptors to the central nervous system. The efferent system is responsible for sending the response away from the central nervous system to the area in which it wishes to produce an action. Between these two systems is an integrating center, or control center. The afferent brings information from the receptor into the integrating center, the information is processed, and then a response is sent away from the integrating center by the efferent system and the response occurs. “Dynamic task-dependent regulation of reflexes controlled by the central nervous system plays an integral part in neurocontrol of locomotion,” shows how the central nervous system and the reflex arcs that it causes are vital for the body to be able to function (Hofstoetter, U. S., Minassian, K., Hofer, C., et al.) The cerebral cortex also plays a part in the sending and receiving of signals throughout the body. It is located on the

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