The Nervous System Of Anniyas Essay

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The nervous system of Anniyas is a complicated network of nerve cells interlaced with one another and specialized cells performing one of the most complex functions in the bodies of Anniya. The nervous system serves as a network of communication to many organs of the body, and it also functions as a control system to maintain homeostasis of the Anniyas’ bodies. It controls numerous body activities through stimuli, hormones, and other methods. As the internal and external environment change, the nervous system can send impulses to various parts of the body to respond to stimuli and maintain homeostasis. In Anatomy and Physiology by Tortora & Derrickson, it is mentioned that the nervous system is separated into two divisions: “The central nervous system (CNS) which comprises the brain and spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system (PNS), which is made up of ganglia, sensory receptors, and enteric plexus which, carry nerve impulses to and from the body” (400). The Anniyas’ peripheral nervous system is also divided into three systems:
1. Somatic nervous system (SNS) is responsible for carrying signals from the central nervous system to effectors such as the glands and muscles, to take action. The system is also responsible for nearly all voluntary muscle movements of the body. It is responsible for the stimulation of the skeletal muscles.
2. Autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates the functions of internal organs automatically unconsciously. The motor part of the ANS is
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