The Netflix Act Ethically On Poaching The Two Fox Executives?

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Teague Bush Samera Brown English 290 Short Report Did Netflix Act Ethically In Poaching The Two Fox Executives? Ethics is defined as the area of study that deals with determining what is good and bad behavior. For a company to be unethical, it would take part in actions that are not acceptable for every company to take part in. An example of some unethical behaviors in companies include but are not limited to; damage to the environment, exploiting the workforce by paying low wages, taking part in child labor, or producing products which are harmful or dangerous. Netflix acted ethically when the company poached the two Fox executives. In the first article “21st Century Fox Sues Netflix for Poaching Employees” by Joe Flint we…show more content…
This article gives us details about how Netflix and Fox feel regarding the case. Netflix filed a cross complaint that blames fox for pressuring employees into contracts with the “take-it-or-leave-it” attitude. Netflix also brings attention to the fact that "California prizes employee mobility and enshrines it in public policy, statute, and case law”. (Netflix) California is a very competitive state when it comes to media and business. Every company out there is going to try to find the best employees and recruit them to become part of their company. It is up to the employees where they want to work when given options. Netflix is not acting unethically by hiring employees from other employers. We also learn that "though Fox had permitted other employees to terminate their employment before the end of their contract terms TCFFC and Fox 21 refused to allow Mr. Waltenberg and Ms. Flynn to terminate their contracts early because both ... announced they intended to accept jobs with Netflix"(Gardner). It seems the company acting unfair and unethically in the case of these two employees is Fox. In the third article "Netflix Is Being Sued for Poaching Execs From This Hollywood Studio", by Jeff John Roberts, this article talks about the contract, details from the complaint, and the 21st Century Fox 's statement. Fox 's statement was, "Netflix ran a brazen campaign to unlawfully target, recruit, and poach

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