The Netflix Exclusive Comedy Drama Series

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The Netflix exclusive comedy-drama series, Orange is the New Black, has been a hot topic this past June with the long-awaited release of the show’s fourth season. The series explores the lives of many female inmates and their gratificious interactions with each other, their families, and the prison’s own staff. The series often explores the themes of love, loss, gang activity, misogyny, and most recently, racism. One thing I personally noticed however, was that not only did the plot feature racism, but the writing itself came off as racist too, and I find it hard to believe that this was done unintentionally.
Being the fan that I am of the series, when I got to episode three, titled “(Don’t) Say Anything”, of my binge watching, I noticed something very disturbing. In this episode, there is a scene in which the Asian-American character, Brook Soso, and the African-American character, Poussey Washington, are having a conversation as they stroll across the prison’s basketball court together. In this conversation Brook says the following line to Poussey, “Even though I do think labeling is a total sham, I see the power of reclaiming an epithet. Like you guys have with n*gga.” Brook’s pronunciation of this word was neither censored, or even hesitant. I couldn’t help but feel that this line was more ventriloquized than natural to the actual scene. The biggest reason why this is so disturbing was because Orange is the New Black’s writing team is almost entirely caucasian. This…
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