The Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why Has Been A Popular Topic

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The Netflix series 13 Reasons Why has been a popular topic for a large majority of teens and mental health experts. It is popular for its brutally honest portrayal of suicide, which some people, such as those from the National Association of School Psychologists, have severally mistaken as romanticism of the issue. The series not only expresses the vivid realities of suicide, it shines a light on what people actually feel that leads to this horrid act. What those people feel is extremely common and often overlooked because it is “not a real illness”, as claimed by the licensed psychologist Phil Hickey. It is time that our society began to stop hiding behind celebrity gossip and fashion trends, we need to begin discussing the more serious …show more content…
The world seems cruel and it is almost impossible to see why you should even try to work towards the future.”

When I researched symptoms of depression, what I saw really made me think about how easily disregarded each of these things are today. There were words on my computer screen that described "common" teenage behaviors, words like: sadness, crying, hopelessness, social isolation, loss of interest in previous hobbies, difficulty with relationships, self injury, pessimism, increased irritability, low self esteem, persistent boredom, major changes in sleep or eating habits, and thoughts or expressions of suicide. People in this day and age like to dismiss these things as someone being sensitive or just wanting attention but they are all signs of someone who is truly in pain, for reasons they may not even be able to explain. Dismissal and judgment from their family, friends, and peers make it very hard for most people to discuss these feelings and heal.

There are ways to loosen the grip of depression but most people suffering from it are stuck in a sort of lull so they need guidance to get on the path to healing. One of the main ways to heal is to talk to someone about feelings and triggers of depression, which seems to be the hardest for a majority of our generation, we feel that no one will understand or that we will be made fun of. It may be hard to open up about
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