The Netflix 's Case Study

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The Netflix Approach to Compensation – Case Study
By: Maximillien Alepin, Yashar Eskandari, Shuhan Chen, Jake Bretton, Melissa Reed
For: Professor Chen Yu-Ping
MANA 443 – Compensation and Benefits
Concordia University

Summary – Part 1
The case study “Equity of Demand: The NETFLIX Approach to Compensation” includes information regarding the company, named Netflix. The case study provides useful information regarding the organizational culture of Netflix. The case is usually associated with the practices of Human Resource Management. It shows how organizations like Netflix can come up with different strategies in order better keep the employees motivated and directed towards goal achieving behavior. It is extremely important for organizations running around the globe to find ways of keeping employees motivated and satisfied in order to increase employees’ productivity. Employees can be seen as backbone for any type of organization running around the globe. It is because the productivity of employees is directly related with the productivity of an organization. The better the employees perform the better the organization would be in terms of customer satisfaction, brand awareness, customer loyalty, profitability and so on so forth. Normally, organizations have different compensation plans to pay the employees for their efforts they make. For instance; some organizations would use money as a source of motivating employees. Such organizations will pay high amount
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