The Network And Network / Server Area Network Essay

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When a user wants to set up a LAN, he is looking to use it to enable himself to view and use files and data that is stored on other devices on the network, allowing more sharing capabilities, as this would make it a trusted network, it is not essential for securing files from certain devices as this is considered a secure network which is often used in homes and small business’ with trusted devices. The user could be using a SAN (storage area network/server area network). A SAN is a more secure network, as the devices require passwords and accounts to access information, this is a more suitable for networks such as a workplace or larger business. This network can have a system much like a hierarchy, where more important devices or accounts have access to more important data, this is called Privileges. Certain devices on a network can have certain privileges, for example, in my home network, the admin will be able to read, move and alter any file on the network, whereas a guest user will only be able to read a file, and it will be part of a selected folder that the admin has selected for them. More secure networks are modified to allow less permission to access data to certain devices, whereas other devices will be given access to more or less information. So if I were to set up a LAN used for gaming among my friends and I, all I would need is a hub and plenty of Ethernet cables for my friends to connect to the network with, most of us will have the same privileges except
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