The Network Of A Network

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Nowadays everybody can get access to the internet through networks, but according to Columbia University over the 37% of people do not know what a network is. A network is a group of computers which are connected to share information, files, and performs tasks. A network is built using the same common language. My purpose of this project is to explain what a network is, and let you know how important is to know it. The next paragraphs will explain the introduction of networking, the disadvantages of networking, and the disadvantages. A network is a group of computers or devices connected together in order to share information. The computers or electronic devices are connected to networks in many ways, such as wireless connection, wired…show more content…
Another type of network is Metropolitan area network (MAN) which is used to connect an entire city, a particular region, and university campus. Moreover, a metropolitan area network is smaller than a wide area network but larger than a local area network. Furthermore, another type of network, which is called PAN (Personal Area Network). A Personal Area network is defined as a group of computers or electronic devices connected to a specific range of a user. For example, when we have a group of devices at home interconnected such as laptops, printers, tablets, and cell phones. Networks have become a central issue for organizations, business, and universities because it provides many advantages. One of the benefits of a network is the easiest way to share information. For example, in a company where there are many offices around the world you can distribute information to all the offices in short time. Moreover, having a network will give you the benefits of talking with people in real time in a larger distance. In addition, another advantage of a network is that allow you to share hardware. For example, in an office that you only have a printer you can use this printer connected to multiple computers instead of having one printer for each computer. Another advantage of networking is that allow users to communicate with people all over the world in a better and easy way. For example, we can communicate to
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