The Network Of A Network

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A network is a support system that can be used to make connections and provide you with future opportunities. Networks can be a positive thing because they allow access to great business opportunities, give you access to information or future clients and increases communication. For women though we are still experiencing gender inequality in the work place. Women have less opportunity for promotion in the work place and still face a pay gap. The purpose of Stiletto Networks is women making their voices heard in the business world. Stiletto Networks work to improve women’s lives, their communities and companies they are involved in. They also focus on women being able to become the biggest and bravest version of themselves. They also provide opportunities for women to network in gatherings such as dinner events, salon events and other social places. It provides women with a sense of comfort knowing there are other women out there who want their voice heard in the business world. The name of my Stiletto Network is Women with a Purpose. I chose this name because I think as a network we can encourage other women to not be afraid to have a voice, take a stand and change the world. The significance of the name that I have created for my network is that it is built around a group of women, who I believe work to empower other women each and every day. The five women I have selected to serve as my Board of Directors are Beyoncé Knowles, Ellen DeGeneres, Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama

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