The Network Of Public Relations

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In a way, theories are the backbone of Public Relations. There are many different functions of PR, and most, if not all of them are involving appealing to or interacting with and organizations publics. Be it employees, customers, or any other stakeholders, theories can be referenced applied to learn now about your publics and help achieve your goals. Northern Kentucky University as an organization attempting to begin a major transitional phase. The university is trying to attract new students, while ensuring the success of current students, all the while attempting to change the school’s image as a small local school, to a big state university. A Public Relations practitioner can apply theories to the situation as NKU attempts to maintain…show more content…
Bring more in and keeping the ones we have to longer durations. Assuming the role as a PR practitioner behind this plan and focusing so much on students and the internal environment at NKU three theories relevant are Systems Theory, Social Exchange Theory, and Social Learning Theory. Systems Theory presents the idea that all organizations and their “parts” are systems that exist in relation to each other, and that the attitudes and actions of the different parts of the system affect not only the other parts of the organization (or system), but the system as a whole as well. Systems Theory presents two types of systems, open and closed. An open system reacts, listens to, and embraces its publics, both internal and external, while a closed system doesn’t acknowledge their publics in decision making. A closed system takes note of past decisions and mainly examines the past in decision making, not it’s publics. When applied to my position at NKU as the practitioner, it is important for me to keep in mind the importance of being an open system. For example, when trying to attract new students it’s beyond important to know what these potential students are looking for in a college. NKU is not in the position to make decision based solely on past decision and the history of the school because these potential students are not interested in
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