The Network Structure And Data Communications

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Summary The assignment we were given was to make an Industry related project on a medium to large sized company and study their network structure and data communications. We chose JMR , as one of the team member’s father works for JMR Libyan Project and could provide with enough information required to make this project. ABC Bank is a well reputed bank in Libya. They approached JMR for an upgrade in their banking software and also a whole network upgrade. They also wanted an overseas datacenter to keep all the financial records and data. Due to nature of the data they handle, they wanted very reliable security measures to prevent any hacks or breach in the network. This project describes the network architecture, functioning, hardware and security functions for the Network of ABC Bank. We start the project with introduction about the scenario. Then we have gone into details about the network setup mentioning hardware and other components, topologies, VPN, how WAN works, data center etc. All the security features have been described as well. This project took nearly 7 weeks to finish, and during this project we came across so many topics we have learned in classes and some new ones as well. We as a team worked together to plan, research and complete this project. Brief Introduction about the Company JMR is a leader in banking, financial services and insurance software and software-related services. Its is the world’s first Oracle Platinum Partner with
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