The Neuman System Model Models

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The Neuman System Model Nursing models and theories are a detrimental part of nursing as a whole. They help to ensure that our knowledge and education allows us to treat the whole person to the best of our abilities. The Neuman system model developed by Betty Neuman focuses on the response of the patient to actual or potential environmental stressors (Johnson & Webber, 2015). This allows for a systemic approach utilizing assessment, diagnosis, nursing process, planning, implementation, and evaluation which are key elements of good nursing care. The environment, patient history, and socioeconomic status can impact patient wellness and are therefore all considered when providing patient care (Johnson & Webber, 2015). The patient to which I will apply the Neuman system model will be referred to as John. John is a 80 year old male, who was admitted on June 7, with swelling to the legs and abdomen, SOB and a productive cough with gray sputum. John has extensive medical comorbidities predisposing him to additional health concerns such as: congestive heart failure (CHF), coronary artery disease (CAD), chronic kidney disease (CKD), hypertension (HTN), anemia, cerebrovascular accident (CVA), chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) and depression. He is married and has a daughter and son. In this case John and his family will make up the client system. To apply the Neuman system model the nurse must consider several aspects of the client system for the assessment: Interacting
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