The Neuman Systems Model And Its Impact On The World Of Healthcare

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The Neuman Systems Model Ginger Weber University of South Carolina Upstate Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact of the Nueman Systems Model on the world of healthcare through the use of research done in two studies by Giggliotti (2007) and Bourdeanu, & Dee (2013) and the affect the NSM has had on nursing education as shown by Clark in the Neuman Systems Model Trustee Group records. This paper uses these examples to represent a large body of research and educational programs based on the comprehensiveness, validity, and soundness of the NSM philosophies and concepts. The Neuman Systems Model Fundamentals of Nursing defines nursing theory as that which “ differentiates nursing from other disciplines and activities by serving the purpose of describing, explaining, predicting, and controlling desired outcomes of nursing practices.” (Taylor, Lillis, LeMone, & Lynn, 2011,G-14). The focus of this paper will be the Neuman Systems Model and its impact on the world of nursing. Neuman believed that health was living energy that is evaluated by the amount of agreement between five variables (physiological, psychological, spiritual, sociocultural, and developmental) and the dynamics of basic systems. Wellness, assessed by how much energy was spent on getting, keeping,

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