The Neuman Systems Model Theory

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The Neuman Systems Model
Nursing theories serve as thinking guides for nurses to follow in order to reach optimal outcomes for patients. Theories are applied in conjunction with experience one has gained and critical thinking in everyday nursing practice, research, and education. The Neuman Systems Model, which was created by Betty Neuman, is one example of a theory that has been in practice for decades and continues to be modified to reflect new research. When applying the NSM, the nurse focuses on identifying and preventing stressors which are factors that lead to fluctuations in the body that affect daily living.
Nursing Theory Nursing is a unique profession which is built upon theories that guide everyday nursing practice. According
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Neuman Systems Model Betty Neuman, who is an Ohio native, began the nursing profession as a form of gratitude towards the nurses that provided her father excellent care in his years of intermittent hospitalizations (Parker & Smith, 2015, p 165). After graduating from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Neuman became the head of one of their master’s programs where she began to develop the Neuman Systems Model (NSM) as a focused guide to future nurses in 1972. As time passed Neuman and her trustees continued to develop the model initially to explain each person as a system of their own but later applied it to a group, community, or social issue. The goal of the model is to outline the response of nurses in stressor related situations. Like other theories, the Neuman Systems Model follows four main concepts which consist of humans, the environment, health, and nursing. Neuman referred to humans with “the term client to show respect for collaborative relationships that exist between the client and the caregiver” (Parker & Smith, 2015, p. 167), rather than the term patient which is viewed as one who only receives care. Within the core of the client system, there are basic factors that are essential to human life such as genetic structure, ego, response patterns, and the strength of organs. Outside of the core are five variables that are present in all client
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