The Neuse River : A Vital Role Throughout Much Of The North Carolina

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The Neuse River has played a vital role throughout much of the history of North Carolina. In recent decades however the river has seen degradation of its health and ecology via massive amounts of point and non-point source pollution. The result has been numerous events of eutrophication, resulting in the ecological “dead zones” found throughout the river. Notable contributors of this pollution have been industrial plants and agriculture, most notably power plants and hog farms. As a result, federal and state agencies have enacted strict regulations and water quality standards and procedures to monitor the tributaries, estuarine areas, and main stem of the greater Neuse River watershed. The Neuse River, which means “peace” in the language of the Native Americans of the area, is located in the heart of North Carolina. The river has been flowing for over 2 million years and has helped provide energy and resources to the surrounding areas since before colonial times (North Carolina). Located just above Durham, NC where the Eno and Flat Rivers combine, the Neuse River is a vital part of a greater watershed area of central and southeast North Carolina. The river plays an important role in North Carolina’s estuaries found in the Albemarle-Pamlico Sound as it dumps its nutrient-dense waters into the estuaries to feed the system. One of only three rivers to be totally contained within North Carolina’s borders, the river has been noted to have the widest mouth in the continental

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