The Nevada Judiciary Branch : The Supreme Court

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In both the United States and Nevada, the Supreme Court is the highest level in the Judicial Branch with the Federal Supreme Court making decisions that affect the entire nation. Supreme Court Justices in Nevada serve only a six-year term and do not have term limits. Although, this has always been the case for the Nevada Judiciary branch, many individuals felt that it was time for a change and attempted to ratify a new appointment system. Each state within the United States has its own Constitution and while the purpose of this document has evolved, its overall function has remained the same; to establish rules and regulation that best represent the people of Nevada. In July of 1864, a group of delegates met and quickly had the…show more content…
The Constitution defines the separation of branches, accounts for checks and balances and division of power, and includes a Bill of Rights designed to protect individual rights from the Federal Government. Interestingly enough, the protection of individual rights were excluded from the United States Constitution originally, and only added later (Bowers. 1993). While having an extremely thorough and detailed Constitution has its benefits, it also leaves room for many different types of interpretations. The Judicial Branch court systems is a specific example of a detailed Constitution being constantly interpreted. Unlike the United States Constitution, the Nevada Constitution tends to be more specific regarding limitations on the powers of the state. Since state constitutions tend to be longer and thus more specific, judges have less room for interpretation as the state constitution, even in conformity with the United States Constitution, is more defined resulting from State Constitutions needing to cover more functions pertaining to state issues. The Nevada legislature is bicameral and divided with a state Senate and an Assembly. Members that make up both the Senate and assembly must be a qualified elector, at least 21 years old, and a Nevada resident for at least one year prior to the election; you

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