The New Adventures Of Old Christine

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In Kari Lizer’s television show, The New Adventures of Old Christine (2006), it can be described as a middle aged woman named Christine who is divorced, raising her young son, and trying to sustain peace with those around her including her ex-husband, Richard, her ex-husbands new girlfriend, “new” Christine, her stay at home brother, Matthew, and the judgmental moms from her son’s school. As Christine struggles to balance her job, work on her insecurities, and take care of her son, she also struggles to keep up with those in her life. This paper will analyze an episode from The New Adventures of Old Christine and it will highlight the basic concepts that come from the Family Systems Theory such as boundaries, subsystems, family cohesion,…show more content…
This theory also argues that in order to apprehend a family system, we must observe the family as a whole. In other words, it’s not who makes up a family, it is in which way they come together that defines that unique family. With these basic ideas from the Family Systems Theory, we can look at a scene from The New Adventures of Old Christine from the episode, “Ritchie Has Two Mommies,” to examine further concepts of the theory. In this episode, Christine feels threatened by her ex-husbands new girlfriend. Richard is ready for his son Ritchie to meet his new girlfriend. When Richard springs his request on Christine, she despondently tells Richard that she is okay with him bringing over his new girlfriend to meet their son, though she really isn’t ready for that kind of step. The next morning, when Richard brings his new girlfriend over to meet Ritchie, the two explain that they would like to take Ritchie out for breakfast. Christine feels threatened by the girlfriend but still allows for them to take Ritchie out to breakfast. In the same day, Ritchie has a school event where you bring your parents. Christine goes with her brother Matthew and then Richard shows up to the event with Richie and his new girlfriend. Although Christine is upset that Richard brought his new girlfriend to
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