The New Affordable Care Act

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Just like anything else that is first implemented out to people, there are also flaws. Not everything that first rolls out to the public is perfect. However, although this new health care may have some flaws in the beginning, some may say that there are a little more just minute flaws. Some may express that the new Affordable Care Act may be a reform that will hurt us rather than help us. “If there is any area of social policy in which Americans are likely to be aware that their system has flaws, it is in health care.” As if America it is not already the country that has the most expensive health care system , “Americans pay an average annual cost of $8,174 per person for their health care, over twice as high as the average Western…show more content…
Either way, those who do not benefit from this Obamacare will have to pay for it as well. This is due to the increase of taxes that will be implemented throughout the country to help support the new system. Many would say that raising taxes to those who do not have access to the affordable health care system is unjust because they do not benefit from this new reform act. “Despite the above efforts, some people ended up paying more for health insurance under Obamacare than they did under their previous private plans.” This new form system cannot become an effective reform act if the price will increase for those who do not have the access to this system. “No reform can work well or very long if its costs are unsustainable.” Along with that, for those who were ‘privileged’ to obtain this new health care system were still charged a substantial increase in their health coverage plan.

Among the newly insured, more than three-quarters are satisfied with coverage.
And only a minority of those who have been continuously insured have noticed a difference in coverage under Obamacare, according to the study. Among those who have experienced a change in coverage under the program, 48 percent said the change was a hike in premiums, deductibles, co-payments or other out-of-pocket expenses.

Another downfall to this new Affordable Care Act that is now put into action by the government is that the ACA mandates that every American to have some form of health
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