The New And Improved All Slots Casino

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Article 1 – The New and Improved All Slots Casino Has Arrived

When it was first established in 2002, All Slots Casino was quite literally the talk of the industry. The (then at the time) slots exclusive casino became one of the most popular names around. After years of success the online casino would peak in the mid-00s, but sadly it has been in a steady decline since, that is until now. With its eyes set firmly on the top prize, All Slots Casino has made some major improvements which could very well see it return to prominence.

An Improved User Interface

Part of the problem as to why All Slots Casino ran into trouble in the first place is because other online casinos past it by in the online casino experience stakes. Going back to basics (or the backend in this case) All Slots Casino has worked to improve how their website functions. The user interface (UI) is being rebuilt from the ground up, with it now featuring faster loading times and an all-round responsive feel. Jumping from game to game is now a breeze, thanks to the new setup, while they have also introduced a free to download online casino app.

Working with the Best

The new overhaul has also seen them work further with Microgaming to keep the game selection feeling fresh. Microgaming are known to be very active with new releases, with Chain Mail and Hot as Hades being the latest names thrown into the mix. In order to give these new games the push they need they are offering players 3x loyalty points on all…
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