The New Arts Education Plan

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With the upcoming addition of our middle school we will be developing a sixth, seventh, and eighth grade arts program consistent with the frameworks of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme requires visual and performing arts for all students and demands much more of students and teachers than our more traditional elementary arts program. We hope to provide an arts-rich school community to all our students. The new arts education plan would continue our focus on developing knowledge about art forms in various contexts, developing the language of art, and learning how to respond to and evaluate art. Within this new arts education plan we also hope to offer a more diverse range of art materials to our students such as ceramics, sculpture, pottery, weaving, metalworking, and stained glass. These new materials would allow our students opportunities to create higher level art, be exposed to portions of art history that are often forgotten, and work in new ways that were once limited by only creating 2D art. We hope to create this new arts education plan for our new middle school while maintaining a strong elementary arts education program. Drama, music, and visual arts are important parts of our students week. These courses allow our students to learn life skills such as respect, communication, perseverance, problem solving, accountability, and collaboration, while reinforcing and integrating critical…
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