The New Asylum Essay

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Section 1 The Frontline episode “The New Asylums”, dove into the crisis mentally ill inmates face in the psychiatric ward in Ohio state prisons. The episode shows us the conditions and every day lives of mentally ill patients in Ohio state prisons, and explains how these inmates got to this point. It appeared that most of these prisoners should have been patients in an institute of some sort, out in society, but unfortunately due to whatever circumstances they ended up in prison. According to the episode, most of the inmates end up in prison due to them not coping with the outside world on their own. Prior to becoming imprisoned, the inmates had difficulties dealing with the outside world. Mainly due to lack of necessary…show more content…
If he continues to fail to check in they will issue an arrest warrant for him which would bring him back to prison. Most inmates seem to land back in prison after they’ve been released. There was one inmate, Benny Anthony whom at the beginning of the episode seem to suffer from paranoid thoughts. He was permanently kept in segregation due to his behavior and constant request for protective custody. At the end of the episode he was the only successful story post release. They placed Anthony in a special program for mentally ill inmates. Section 2 As I was watching the episode I had this intense feeling of compassion for the inmates. There was a sense of frustration that I felt I shared with them. Their feeling of helplessness came through in the episode, you can feel their desire for a better life. However, their hands seemed to be tied useless in the prison’s system. When the inmates went to the Oakwood psychiatric hospital, they appeared to succeed with their battle of their disease. They enjoyed their quality of life better in the hospital than in the prison. It was quite frustrating to watch them have to return to the prison because of the lack of space or what not at the hospital. My personal desire to assist was intensified when watching the patients request to stay at the hospital and not return to prison. Part of the reason I think I feel so close to this topic is because I have a cousin who is currently
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