The New Automobile Designs Into Society

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Today, we live in a world where we depend on our cars in many aspects. If you ask a group of people if they could let go their cars, many of them would negate. As the automobile technology plays a big role in our lives, it still causes a lot of damage to the environment we’re living in. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the possibility of transforming automobiles to be environmentally neutral. In this essay, I will start with a background paragraph where the environmental issues associated with cars will be discussed along with the pros of owning a car. The following paragraphs will trace the various trajectories of automobile design, describe the advances made to overcome design limitations, describe other advances which could make…show more content…
Indeed, cars accommodate for many services that it almost sounds impossible to stop using cars. However, cars have inherently damaged our environment. Cars cause noise in urban environments which could lead to bringing disturbance to work, relaxation and sleep, mental stress; and in severe cases physical problems such as chronic exhaustion, high blood pressure and heart disease. Manufacturing cars requires the usage of non-renewable resources such as metals and petroleum. The process of mining these resources causes damage to the environment and disposing the produced resources also causes damage. Another pollutant to the environment caused by cars is act of washing oil into rivers which affects water purity and marine life. There are still many other damages caused to environment by the use of cars such as ozone depletion, greenhouse gases and polluted air. Automobile design have evolved in history throughout seven eras beginning by the invention era followed by the innovation era, manufacturing era , capsule era, classic era, integration era and finally the modern era[2]. Cars mainly used steam-powered engines before the first introduction of gas powered internal combustion engine in the Benz car in 1885. In the innovation era around the 1896, automobiles were still considered a symbol of novelty rather than being
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