The New Castle Town Council

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In 2008 the New Castle Town Council appointed an eleven-member Steering Committee made up of local residents, business interests, and members of the Planning Commission and Town Council to guide a new vision for the long-term growth and development of the community. This effort was in response to pending growth pressures, for which the community was not fully prepared. After some months and considerable community input, the Planning Commission recommended and the Town Council adopted the Town of New Castle Comprehensive Plan on May 27, 2009. Prior to the adoption of the Plan, the National and local economies were strong. As a result, New Castle had begun to experience significant change. The intent of the Plan was to establish a path for community growth that, while accommodating new housing, businesses, services, jobs, parks/open spaces, non-motorized access systems, transportation, environmental protection and community infrastructure, would ensure that growth and change would not adversely the small-town character and community values that residents wanted to preserve. As the community planning process neared its conclusion, the National economy began to experience a slow-down, which in time became significant. Growth and development in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys also were affected. This economic downturn fundamentally stopped new development activity in New Castle. Moe recently, while the upper valley resort economy has experienced improvement

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